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Introducing Maura Segal

Maura Segal, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches


Maura Segal’s work is contemporary, bold, and textured. She draws inspiration from modern architecture and minimalism which is extremely evident in her work. The shapes and lines she creates are precise and clean, yet her paintings have a playful, easy-going feeling. There is a sense of order within the juxtaposition of geometric shapes and organic lines. True artistic harmony on each canvas.

Segal’s process involves the layering of hand cut paper shapes and acrylic paint to build her visuals. She compares her work to the continuous routine of daily life – driving down the same streets, seeing the same scenery. She enjoys the balance and intention of a daily routine, and her work reflects this. Each one of her pieces are meticulously planned out, everything in its right place.


Maura Segal, Cobalt, Mixed Media on Canvas, 18 x 18 inches


Maura Segal, White, Mixed Media on Canvas, 18 x 18 inches