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Natural Tones & Exotic Details

This space exudes creativity and sophistication with it’s use of natural light, unique silhouettes, and exotic details. Here are three design concepts to complete this refined, textural space with art work.

I love to see how art can alter a space, change an atmosphere, and influence the mood… It’s so much fun to play with a variety of options and see what feels “just right!”





David Burdeny | Beach Ball Salesman

“You just want to “go there” with this Burdeny. The natural elements in the photograph complement the tones and finishes in the space. A stunning view of a serene beach at the end or start of a perfect day, punctuated by a solo, whimsical figure conjures so many glorious memories. This luminous piece draws us through the foyer creating a zen tone and bringing a smile to your face.”

David Burdeny, Beach Ball Salesman, Archival Pigment Print, 44 x 55 inches

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Marshall Noice | Cut Wheat, Flathead

“Marshall Noice is a true colorist and with Cut Wheat, Flathead, he doesn’t disappoint. Saturated hues stand out and invite the viewer to explore the layered landscape. His palette of bold blues, dusty grays and searing oranges holds its’ own in this eclectic neutral space. A statement piece for sure, exuding vibrant energy, one might even say, ‘Zowie!’

Marshall Noice, Cut Wheat, Flathead, Oil on Canvas, 46 x 70 inches

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Ariel Vargassal | Into Thin Air

“There is always deep meaning to be contemplated with each Ariel Vargassal painting. “Into Thin Air” reminds us that when we pursue our passions and even when we thrive, we risk falling, but we can catch ourselves and continue our journey. Because Vargassal chooses a simple white background for his paintings, he incorporates gold mylar balloons and small creatures to convey the sense that the figure is falling through the air, an homage to those who take risks in life. A bold and meaningful choice for this important space in the home.”

Ariel Vargassal, Into Thin Air, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 72 inches.

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