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New Arrivals: Anke, Noice, Barber

There’s nothing like unwrapping a beautiful new artwork and taking in the textures and colors for the first time! Browse a few of the dynamic pieces that just arrived at our galleries.

Fly series by Anke

Anke, Fly series, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches each

Fly 9, Anke, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches
Fly 9, Mixed Media on Panel, 24 X 24 inches


Anke’s Fly series include a variety of colorful fishing flies arranged in a spiral pattern that turns them into something totally different altogether. Fly 9‘s blue colors jump off the surface, evoking a tropical flower. With this series, Anke emphasizes the importance of looking for beauty in the small things, and viewing everyday objects with a different lens.

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Mood Indigo by Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice, Mood Indigo, 48 X 36 inches


In Mood Indigo, Marshall Noice invites viewers to lose themselves in the ethereal beauty of his forest scene. Through skillful brushstrokes and a mastery of color theory, he conjures the play of light filtering through the trees. The interplay of shapes and shades creates a sense of depth and energy, creating a world where reality and imagination intertwine.

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Crocus 5 by Liz Barber

Liz Barber, Crocus 5, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 X 48 inches


Crocus 5  beautifully illustrates Liz Barber’s technique of layering paint to evoke the organic flow of watercolor, with one vibrant color bleeding into another. The intensity of the blues is balanced by the quiet negative space to create a tranquil, harmonious composition. Whether you see a blooming flower, a swirling waterscape, or something completely different, there is always something wondrous and unique for viewers to discover in a Barber’s work.

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