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New Arrivals from Christopher Peter

As the summer solstice approaches, we’re excited to showcase new works by Christopher Peter that capture the euphoria of being immersed in nature. Peter’s art highlights the interconnectedness of human life and the natural world, enhanced by his powerful use of layered papers and textiles.


Dream Pieces

Christopher Peter, Dream Pieces, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50 x 42″


In this stunning piece, Peter masterfully uses light and shadow to create a sense of drama, mystery, and wonder within the figure. The elegant silhouette is filled with organic patterns and ethereal colors, giving the artwork a surreal atmosphere. This piece invites viewers to seek refuge from the outside world and find balance and harmony through deep inner reflection.


Swinging Sightlines

Christopher Peter, Swinging Sightlines, Mixed Media on Canvas, 47 x 59.5″


In a captivating showcase of movement, Peter’s Swinging Sightlines employs dynamic mark-making to immerse viewers in the fluidity of the human form. Using a nuanced, muted color palette, he skillfully conveys a sense of weightlessness, reminiscent of flight and the carefree spirit of childhood.


In Bloom IV

Christopher Peter, In Bloom IV, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50 X 50″


With In Bloom IV, Peter invites viewers to contemplate the universal harmony that binds everything together, from the delicate unfolding of petals to the cosmic dance of celestial bodies. Through the rich layering of uniquely sourced papers, he crafts a depth of imagery that evokes a mood of reflection and relaxation, offering a truly immersive experience.


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