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New Arrivals from Rose Masterpol

In her newest works, Rose Masterpol continues to explore human connection within her Geometrix series. Through meticulous line making and overlapping minimalistic forms, she investigates the interplay of geometry and architecture, crafting a mesmerizing mid-century-inspired abstraction.



Rose Masterpol, Virtuoso, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 80 inches


In this electrifying piece, the interplay of color and transparency takes center stage, creating an energetic symphony that transforms the viewer. The translucent layers and overlapping shapes add depth and motion, evoking a sense of constant flux and energy. Virtuoso invites viewers to experience the vibrant pulse of life, where each element contributes to a harmonious yet lively dance of form and color.


Modern Affair: Encounter

Rose Masterpol, Modern Affair: Encounter, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 80 inches


Masterpol delicately captures the essence of human connection through abstract forms and silhouettes, where warm yellow and earthy red tones evoke a sense of serene interaction and mutual presence. Anchored by a minimalist still life, alongside the silhouette of a whimsical cat, the painting’s angular lines and gentle color transitions create a deep, immersive atmosphere. It invites viewers to reflect on the quiet yet profound emotions and connections that weave through our shared experiences and spaces.


Tantric Lounge III

Rose Masterpol, Tantric Lounge III, Acrylic on Canvas, 52 x 74 inches


Step into the vibrant world of mid-century modern optimism with this artwork, where bold lines and vibrant colors harmonize in abstract forms that blend beauty with idealism. Reflecting a time when art aimed to inspire the soul of its audience, Tantric Lounge III captures the era’s spirit of vibrant creativity and hopeful vision for the future.


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