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Vincent George: The Professional


Vincent George, a master of many mediums, has now been inspired to “paint with heat”. Pyrography, the art of burning or scorching on a natural surface is an art form practiced since the dawn of recorded time by Egyptian and African tribesman fascinated by the mysterious beauty and power of fire.

Defined in traditional terms, pyrography is the art of drawing with fire; using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural surfaces such as wood. This process allows for a great range of natural tones and shades to be achieved – beautiful suble effects can create an image in sepia tones or strong dark strokes can make a bold, dramatic image. This art form is time consuming, done entirely by hand, with each line of a complex image drawn individually. After the design is burned in, there is often color applied, sometimes boldly or sometimes more delicately tinted.

Vincent George

When it comes to pyrography, Vincent considers himself a purist. He is moved by the graceful synthesis of a smooth wood surface and the heat infused within to create rich sepia tones. There is a certain parellel created between the wild and natural spirits that embody his subjects and the organic and distinctively unforgiving nature of his medium. The Professional calls out be to viewed in person. It exudes strength and power combined with a surreal twist.

Catch a glimpse of George at work: