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New Paintings by Marshall Noice

“My work’s greatest pleasure comes when I’m in the thick of the battle to let a painting emerge. I have my issues. What color next to that? Another line here? Take that out? Greater abstraction? Less complexity? More complexity? Simply painting, watching, concentrating, staying thoroughly engaged, alive. Not thinking. Just doing. Eventually, over hours, weeks, sometimes months or even years the problems slip away. Finally there is nothing left for me to do. There is nothing to be added, nothing to be eliminated, nothing to be altered in the least. It is accomplished. The work now resonates with the sense of place that I recognized and responded to initially.”  – Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice’s work is like taking a journey into the heart and soul of the artist. He passionately loves western landscapes, and he conveys that love through vibrant colors that illuminate the canvas.  Stop by the gallery to view new works by Marshall Noice!

Noice “New Orchard” Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 in.
Noice “Light On The Far Shore” Oil on Canvas 46 x 60 in.
Noice “New Growth” Oil on Canvas 60 x 40 in.
Noice “Wet Spring Morning” Oil on Canvas 48 x 60 in.