Category: Art + Design

Paint It Black (And White)

Create a bold statement with black and white. An eye catching abstract will add depth and interest to your home.

Iorillo “Bridge” Mixed Media on Canvas 52 x 85 inches

Keep it streamlined with contemporary and modern furniture.  Iorillo’s “Bridge” ties this bedroom together.  The bold abstract motif adds texture and personality to this space while keeping with the existing color palette.  The white wall behind the bed calls out for something impactful.

Guzman “Universo” Mixed Media on Canvas 67 x 55 inches

An already neutral palette of grays and browns are accentuated – layering neutrals creates a serene and restful space.  The graphic chevron stripe on the pillows echoes the focus on line in “Universo” by Guzman.  Keeping colors muted can make a impressive statement.