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Photo Sublimation: Subverting the Traditional Medium

Photography is not just a staple within the worlds of art and editorial print, but also a medium utilized in everyday life. Many technological advances in the field have created a detachment from the traditional methodology of dark rooms and film in favor of more digitally crisp instant results. However, Photo Sublimation is a prime example of the way today’s image transfer advancements can further photographic possibilities while respecting the uniqueness of traditional photography.


Blazar, “Joe & The Fish”, Sublimated on White Gloss Aluminum, 36 x 54 in.


Sublimation provides an artist the ability to transfer photos onto a variety of materials while still maintaining the integrity of the piece. The process involves sublimating a photo from transfer paper to chosen material (in this case aluminum) using a heat press resulting in a strong and striking image.


Blazar, “Blown Out on the Beach”, Sublimated on White Gloss Aluminum, 36 x 36 in.


The unique thing about sublimation is the ability to infuse the image within the material, through transitioning the solid photo to a gaseous state, then back to solid.


Blazar, “Vines”, Sublimated on Clear Gloss Aluminum, 32 x 48 in.


Permanency, resistance, and variety are just some of the reasons why many artists utilize sublimation when creating new works. The greatest perk of Photo Sublimation, however, is the gorgeous result. Depth, clarity and color – unparalleled!

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