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Precious Metals

Art doesn’t have to be defined as paint on a canvas. For a sleek and contemporary feel or just to add dimension to your collection – do something unexpected! Paintings and photographs on metal as well as metal wall sculpture can add an eclectic look to any room where you desire a little something different.

Villeneuve, “Pont Brooklyn,” Photograph on Aluminum, 48 x 96 in.

With clean lines and a delicate sheen often coming through the print or painting, artwork on metal offers sophistication and depth. Wall sculpture in organic floral shapes adds a feeling of movement and excitement!

“Fire and Ice Blossoms,” Mixed Media on Metal, Approx. 12 x 12 – 20 x 20 in. each

This pair of metal pieces with translucent bands of color convey serenity and order. Excellent for a library, den or anywhere you desire a sense of calm.

“Band Together Series,” Mixed Media on Metal, 28 x 28 in.each

Metal can also be used to bring a raw, urban edge to a space. A photograph sublimated on metal is clean and sleek. If you have a brick wall in your home, a sharp and glossy photograph on metal balances roughness and polish, creating a refined urban look.

Blazar, “Domino Sugar,” Sublimated on White Gloss Aluminum, 36 x 60 in.