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Raul de la Torre: Poèmes LXXVI

Raul de la Torre, Poèmes LXXVI, Mixed Media on Canvas, 31 × 78 in


Poèmes LXXVI is based on a verse by Romanian-French poet Benjamin Fondane: “Quelle poussirère de soleil morveux qu’un grain de sable” [Every grain of sand is the dust of peevish suns.]

The poetry behind Raul de la Torre’s Poèmes series explores themes including existence, loss, and memory. De la Torre uses color to represent places and people left behind, while the embroidery symbolizes the enduring strength of their memories.

The intricate embroidery in Poemes LXXVI creates a unique sense of dimension, and de la Torre’s vibrant colors and patterns are striking as always. The artwork’s long horizontal shape makes it the perfect statement piece for over a sofa, bed, or credenza. 

After painting the canvas, Raul de la Torre cuts out sections of his canvases and meticulously stitches them in with embroidery creating a virtually seamless transition from brushstroke to thread.



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Working on POEMES LXXVI. Mixed media on canvas. 31×78”

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