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Small Spaces: Deep In Thought

An unexpected focal point, an inspiring space, a cozy nook… Make a big impact in a small space like a foyer, hallway or powder room. Create a story in a surprising spot.

de la torre, office, deep
De La Torre, “Fils I Colors CCCXIII,” Mixed Media on Canvas, 36 x 72 in.

Embrace bold statements made with deep colors in your small space. This home office incorporates deep neutrals and warm metallics with ornate, textured accents. De La Torre’s “Fils I Colors CCCXIII” is both intricate and deliberate. The artist creates cutouts on his canvas, carefully layers paint, chooses each palette and hand embroiders his floating orbs to blend with the swaths of color. The resulting work appears effortless and literally pops against the rich, grey wall with its bold, saturated colors, composing a space perfect for creating imaginative work.

To see Raul De La Torre’s work in person, visit the gallery nearest you.