Category: Room With A View

Softly Sophisticated

This elegant sitting room calls for conversation-starting artwork as its focal point. View two pieces, chosen by our art consultants Carla and Betsy, that invite a touch of boldness into the perfectly put-together space.

Carla B.

The gracefulness of the room and the sophistication of the Donald Sultan’s tulips create an oasis of calm elegance. This is a space where you can entertain company or curl up with a good book.

Donald Sultan, Black Tulips and Vase, Color Screenprint and Flocking, 46 × 46 in.


Betsy J.

Who wouldn’t want a colony of cheerful bunnies adorning their living room? Hunt Slonem’s pastel blue bunnies add a little color and playfulness to this quiet and formal space. Have some fun!

Hunt Slonem, Blues, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 48 in.


Work one-on-one with an art consultants to find the ideal piece for your space—stop by the gallery nearest to you.