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Spotlight on Suhas Bhujbal


“When I see a building that strikes me, I suddenly stop and find myself standing and staring. Sometimes I feel something is happening. Even though the building cannot talk, I feel it is saying something to me.”


Suhas Bhujbal is known for his depiction of urban environments and architecture, many of which are suggestive of his native India as well as where he currently resides in California. The work treads a line between realistic representation and abstraction. He observes what architecture has to say about a town’s inhabitants, and he transforms the buildings in his paintings into living objects that seem to become a little bit human. In his figurative works, he depicts people from various cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and ages. His completed paintings evolve from quick sketches of people he encounters in everyday life.

These works and others are now available at Renaissance Fine Arts and Merritt Gallery for viewing and purchase. Come by and see them for yourself!

Shown: A Quiet Town #123; Thinking About You #12 and #22; A Quiet Town #105