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Spring Renewal

Now that the days are starting to get longer and warmer, there is a collective feeling of renewal and change. This spring in particular is different, as we’ve collectively been cooped up in our houses for what seems like an eternity. Below are a list of quick and easy tips to help rejuvenate any space.

Artwork: What’s Left Behind by Ariel Vargassal; Interior Design: Casa Vita Home

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1. Bring nature indoors

Incorporating plants can add serenity and a natural color scheme to your space. In this sunny living room designed by Katherine Crosby of Jenkins Baer, a vibrant fig tree and a vase of fresh blooms play off Jeff Erickson’s light and airy composition. 

Artwork: Sea Foam by Jeff Erickson; Interior Design: Katherine Crosby Jenkins Baer

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2. Add a pop of color

Adding a fresh coat of paint can not only transform a space, but also change the dynamic of the artwork displayed. Don’t be afraid to go bold and paint the entire room – from crown to baseboard. The saturated blue hue below plays perfectly with a series of pieces by Amy Van Winkle.

Artwork: Wonderful Unknown series by Amy Van Winkle; Interior Design: Casa Vita Home

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3. Layer with prints 

Layering patterned textiles in your space can give it depth and visual interest. The bold black and white couch in this entryway designed by Stephanie Bradshaw highlights the line work in Beatriz Simon’s abstract painting. 

Artwork: Red Dress by Beatriz Simon; Interior Design: Stephanie Bradshaw;
Photo: Jennifer Hughes Photography

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4. Pair with a sculpture

Give your space a third dimension by displaying a sculpture that can be viewed from different angles. Featured in Elle Decor, this industrial Baltimore loft designed by Laura Hodges incorporates the natural aesthetic of Sheila Ganch’s Statuesquealong with other pieces, to speak to her client’s personality.

Artwork: Statuesque by Sheila Ganch; Interior Design: Laura Hodges; Photo: Jennifer Hughes Photography

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5. Treat yourself!

If you’re craving something new, call or stop into one of our galleries and discover all of the new pieces arriving daily, like this photograph by Xan Padron: East Village, NYC. Browse our New Acquisitions on our blog for more inspiration.

Artwork: East Village, NYC by Xan Padron

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