Textured & Natural

Surrounded by natural textures throughout, Marilyn Borglum's The Call adds a dignified sense of strength and poise to... More

Airy Atmosphere

Airy and open, this light-filled living room sets the scene for a work of art that... More

Graceful Subtleties

Laced with delicate lavender and lilacs throughout, this interior gracefully balances modern and traditional details. Alice... More

Ben Schwab: In Equals Out

Eclectic and multidimensional, Ben Schwab's In Equals Out intercepts foregrounds and backgrounds to paint a composition that embodies the... More

A Natural Zen

Tranquil, zen, and polished, this sitting room exudes total tranquility — lush fabrics and organic surfaces... More

Framed with Rhythm

Frame a unconventional painting in a custom frame – The cool ribbon of steel surrounding Tom... More

Graceful Radiance

Tom Bolles' New Gold Dream and Henri Matisse's Madame Pompadour shine in this elegant, stately foyer. Though the... More

Marilyn Borglum: The Search

Marilyn Borglum's bold artwork The Search embodies the simultaneous strength and grace as characterized by its equine subject.... More

Anke: Red Shipwheel

Anke's whimsical work Red Shipwheel paints a light-hearted, joyous portrait of an elephant over a vibrant crimson shipwheel.... More

Cheerful Tonalities

Bright and cheerful, this modern living space sets the stage for artwork that complements the joyful... More

Charles Dwyer: Violet

Charles Dwyer's deep, whimsically enigmatic oil painting Violet invites viewers to a world of wonder and mystery. The... More

Eclectic Comfort

Peppered with cheerful patterns and bold colors, this eclectic den sets the scene for Bob Dylan's... More