Elise Remender: Afternoon Swim

Elise Remender’s Afternoon Swim draws attention with its rich colors, stylish minimalism, and photo-realistic detail. Remender’s...

Dramatic Hues

With strong, deep chocolates dominating the palette of the room, this sophisticated interior adds a mix... More

Philip Buller: More

Philip Buller’s More is a product of the artist's unique and involved layering process. He uses... More

Urban Lounge

This elegant piano lounge—part of the 2017 Design Home for Philadelphia Magazine—blends urban sophistication with eclectic,... More

Jinous Kani: Kismet XXXIV

In her colorful piece Kismet XXXIV, Jinous Kani contrasts graphic fields of color with the stark, elegant lines... More

Natural Wonders

Layered with lush, natural textures, this casual living interior lends a sense of sophisticated comfort. Soft... More

Ben Schwab: Binary

In Ben Schwab’s expansive painting Binary, the viewer finds themselves immersed in a city scene both... More

Imagined Landscapes

Katia Poulin's mixed media painting Un Monde a Decouvrir invites viewers to imagine a world beyond their own.... More

Seaside Dreams

Cool and tranquil, this ocean-inspired interior layers organic wooden textures and handcrafted stoneware. Explore two different... More

Captivating Simplicity

Poised and sophisticated, this classic kitchen interprets a light neutral color palette beautifully. Charles Jacobs' still... More

Chris Hayman: Rocky Hills

Christine Hayman’s layered, textured feelscape Rocky Hills depicts the complexity and deepness of human nature. Colorful, vibrant...

Peaceful Haven

Cool and serene, this dreamy cerulean bedroom is full of soft natural light, setting the scene... More