Category: The Final Installation

Textural Harmony

Amy Van Winkle, Have You Seen Me Lately, Encaustic on Board, 36 x 48 inches;
Photo: @johnsonsokol


Amy Van Winkle’s Have You Seen Me Lately perfectly complements this cozy, Moroccan-inspired lounge designed by Johnson Sokol. Van Winkle finds inspiration in the simultaneous control and spontaneity of her medium – each piece contains a history of heating and scraping the surface. The encaustic process involves the melting of a wax and sap resin, which allows the artist to manipulate each layer as desired.

We love to see all of these textures harmonizing together, from the geometric wallpaper to the unique surface of Van Winkle’s encaustic on board. The piece’s simple composition and contrasting colors make it a striking focal point in the space.

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