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The Art of Rehanging the Gallery

Switching up the mood on this Haverford gallery wall


Art on the Move

From a practical standpoint, rehanging the gallery is an opportunity to showcase the many artists’ fantastic works that we have at Merritt Gallery. Because we offer in-home consultations and art showings for local clients, our gallery installations are anything but permanent. And as we share inventory between our three locations, the artwork is constantly on the move between Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia.

Dance With Me by Charlie Bluett paired with Kadee Craft’s Colorfast series in Baltimore


The Process

The gallery needs to look cohesive and fresh, but we also strive for a variety of sizes, mediums, and representation for as many artists as possible.

For Mina, Chevy Chase’s Gallery Director, rehanging the gallery is a passion. When considering how she wants to lay out the gallery, she likes to have a story to tell. She says,

“Whether it’s the color palette, subject matter or style, I look for some sort of connect. Maybe I’ll have a canvas up and place a sculpture next to it. It’s to excite the eye. And sometimes the eye needs a place to rest, so a little negative space is important.”


Sherri Belassen’s A World Away, paired with three Nina Jun sculptures in Chevy Chase


The feel of a piece can change when placed next to different artwork. Our galleries are constantly changing and with that comes the chance to see the same work through a different lens or something completely different.