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Tips for Building a Personal Art Collection

A living room featuring artwork by De la Torre and Anke. Interior Design by Casa Vita Home


Your art collection should be a reflection of you, weaving together a story about your style, personality, and experiences. Our most important goal at the galleries is to connect clients with art that speaks to them, whether they’re adding to their current collection or acquiring their first piece. We know that starting an art collection can be daunting, but with the right frame of mind and the help of a knowledgable art consultant, it can be a really rewarding experience.

We asked our team to share a few of their favorite tips for building an art collection that you’re proud of.

#1 Love it!

Art has legs—a piece can find a place in a variety of spaces within your home. Focus on finding artwork that speaks to you, and don’t get too hung up on matching your decor. You don’t need to know why you enjoy a piece of art, you just feel it.


A whimsical portrait in the kitchen plays well with a striking floral piece in the dining room


#2 Push Your Boundaries & Mix It Up

With our first tip in mind, also consider the unexpected. You never know what piece will catch your eye, and you may find your tastes and perceptions evolving over time. Open your mind to something new. You may begin your collection with a traditional landscape, like our work by Dennis Sheehan but slowly drift toward an abstract piece, like a Rose Masterpol. Mixing genres and styles is key to creating a dynamic and varied collection.


Don’t be afraid to mix genres – like a traditional Sheehan and an expressive Masterpol


#3 Get to Know Your Consultant

Getting to know your gallery and your art consultant will make the collecting process so much easier! Over time, your consultant will get to know your tastes and be able to make the best recommendations for you. The consultants at our galleries are experts when it comes to our artwork and can share interesting details about the pieces and artists that may resonate with you.


Art by Dwyer and Desmond paired in a living room by Stephanie Bradshaw; Photo: Mary Neumann


#4 Enjoy the Process

At the end of the day, have fun! Find a piece that brings something to the surface, a smile or a memory. Our job is to help facilitate the connection between the artist and their work to you. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than to look at art and end with that “aha!” moment. 


Try a virtual or in-home art showing to visualize pieces in your space

From in-gallery to at-home or virtual showings, we are dedicated to making the art collecting process easy and enjoyable. Whether it’s your first visit or your twentieth, stop into one of locations and find a new piece for your collection. 


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