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Tom Chambers: Marwari Stallion #1

Tom Chambers, Marwari Stallion #1, Photograph on Paper, 52 x 54 in Framed


Tom Chambers’ Marwari Stallion #1 provides a brilliant medley of whimsy and nostalgia. The piece invites the viewer to get lost in the daydream imagery. There is a sense of freedom in way the young girl has her arms out stretched, mimicking the wing span of the bird in the distance. Her black horse provides a sentimental statement of its own. Chambers reflects, “In my eyes horses represent that which is beautiful and sacred in nature. In particular, the noble Marwari horses from India have captured my attention after an inspirational encounter with them. Known for their loyalty and bravery, the Marwari were considered divine beings as far back as the twelfth century.”

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