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A Varied Composition: Mixed Media Art

When it comes to the creative process, most artists are no strangers to experimentation. While many are loyal to the more traditional visual mediums, it seems the majority of modern artists have at one point dabbled in the alluring technique of employing multiple mediums. The practice of mixed media art has an obvious appeal; combining a variety of mediums within a piece is non-restrictive and produces compelling and dynamic work.

Erickson, "Sunset on the Siene", Oil and Wax on Panel, 36 x 48 in.
“Sunset on the Siene”, Oil and Wax on Panel, 36 x 48 in.

Vibrant colors blend seamlessly while still remaining distinct through the varied textures within multiple mediums. Utilizing different materials adds a dimensionality to the piece that can be difficult to attain with one type of media.

"Aqueous", Mixed Media on Metal, 48 x 38 in.
“Aqueous”, Mixed Media on Metal, 48 x 38 in.

The practice of layering multiple components on a unique substrate, such as metal, yields a compelling work of art. Mixed media allows a piece to have a structural integrity not typically found in single medium artwork; an almost sculptural presence while still maintaining the accessibility of an oil on canvas or acrylic work.

"Mrs. York", Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 50 in.
“Mrs. York”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 50 in.

A common mixed media method is to unite collage elements with paint or other various media. The patterns of cut paper are both disguised and emphasized by the paint; creating an unmistakable intensity, highlighted by compelling colors and shapes.

"Boudoir V", Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 48 in.
“Boudoir V”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 48 in.

Often, the process behind mixed media art is extensive, with multiple tools involved in addition to the numerous materials. Through tactility, dimensionality, and diversified unity, such pieces are not only visually appealing but create an interesting sensory experience. Explore the process behind Pezhman, a mixed media artist who employs a unique approach to his art, and achieve a sense of what it’s like to create such fascinating works [within the video below].