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Ray Hare: Copperband

Realism takes on new dimension through the eyes of artist Ray Hare. Ray’s paintings are photo realism but his art goes beyond realistic likeness. In his work, the larger than life close-ups are depicted with all their infinite color and details. It is as if he held a magnifying glass up to his subject and painted what he saw.

What Hare captures as a result is a new reality. His unique vision through enlarged images and illusions is shared through paintings that grasp the essence of his subjects. The emotional impact of each painting confronts and challenges us to view reality with renewed emotion. He incorporates conceptual studies with practical mastery of fine art, testing each image and medium to its limit. The subjects seem so real we believe we can reach out and touch them.

Hare’s latest painting, Copperband, is his take on Pop Art. He illustrates the dazzling stripes of color found on this ordinary saltwater fish making it extraordinary.