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Working With Your Wallpaper

We love a layered, dimensional space! And even the most intricate of wallpapers can be a backdrop for the right work of art. Here are a few tips for finding artwork that works well with your walls, along with some inspiration images from our design partners.


Tip #1: Play With Scale

If you’re working with a detailed, small-scale wallpaper pattern, a minimalist piece can be the perfect complement. Go bold and geometric or soft and subtle.

Art: Tom Bolles; Design: Jenkins Baer; Photo: Jennifer Hughes


Art: John Brandon Sills; Design: Johnson Sokol; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg 



Tip #2: Consider Your Color Palette

It may seem obvious, but searching for a piece that includes some common colors with your wallpaper can be a great place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you need anymore convincing, just take a look at those rich blues and greens below.

Art: Mark Beck; Design: Elizabeth Reich


Art: Hunt Slonem


Tip #3: Embrace White Space

Artwork that’s framed with a mat or float mounted—like a photograph or painting on paper—can be a great choice. The white space creates a little bit of breathing room between your piece and your patterned walls.

Art: David Burdeny; Design: Christen Daniels


Art: Maria Simonds-Gooding; Design: Jodi Macklin Interiors


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