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Xan Padron: Gilbert Baker’s Global Rainbow

Xan Padron, Gilbert Baker’s Global Rainbow, Photograph on Paper, 36 x 60 inches


Xan Padron’s brilliantly colorful photograph, Gilbert Baker’s Global Rainbow, is truly a stand out piece in his Time Lapse series. The rainbow is composed of images from all over the world, from Brazil to New York to Beijing. While the other photographs in this series feature layered images from a single location in a city of Padron’s choosing, this one is all about the variety of colors and diversity of locations.

This image is an homage to the Rainbow Flag designed by artist and activist Gilbert Baker in 1978 for San Fransisco Pride. The flag has become a worldwide symbol of LGBTQ+ Pride and the fight for civil rights. To honor the original flag, Padron’s photograph is the exact size and colors of the original flag, which is now displayed at the MoMA in New York. His ability to capture so many individuals, each at a unique moment in time and in their own lives, gives his art both a timelessness and a specificity that anyone can relate to.

Gilbert Baker’s Global Rainbow (detail)

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