KATIA POULIN “Mountains and valleys surround the house where I was born; I grew up in fresh air, in a small Irish village, which I left at the age of eighteen. Stoneham saw me grow up, and now the city shapes me. Québec, city of my studies, taught me beauty, taught me art.”

Katia began her career as a self-taught artist but she later went on to study Visual Arts at the Riviere-du-Loup and St. Foy colleges in Quebec. Her work is a reflection of a young generation not only interested in classic literature, but in the interaction of human beings. By using a diverse variety of mediums such as pastel, charcoal, oil, and glaze, Poulin transports the viewer to futuristic atmospheres. Her elegant art forms evoke the individuality and sensuality of people living in a metropolis, without forgetting the poetic feeling of ancient art.

“My interest for art has been ever growing since my youth. I feel as if this were my mission in life, my own self-achievement, thus, through my sensitivity and my art, I strive to touch the heart, soul, and spirit of others. I find a space where beauty, refinement, gentleness, reverie, evasion, and reflection await...I always hope that my paintings inspire the viewer to dream and look into a window that opens to another dimension, where the eyes of the heart turn inwardly and find poetry.”

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Mixed Media on Canvas
48 X 48 in