The Final Installation

Minimalist Landscape

  Two works from Maria Simonds-Gooding’s Earth Shelters series complete this contemporary, naturally-lit dining room. Inspired...

Corporate Calm

  Bring art into your workplace to create a more engaging environment. Along with giving your...

Belle Vue at The Chase

Keep an eye out for several pieces from our galleries in Historic Ellicott City’s 33rd Annual...

Vibrant Entrance

  When you walk into this classically elegant home, Tina Palmer’s vibrant Afternoon at the Park...

Fierce Beauty

  This hallway hangout, designed by Larina Kase, incorporates an eclectic mix of decorative objects and...

Structural and Spirited

  Nathalie Boissonnault’s Zone Franche is a charming addition to this cool blue dining room. The artwork—constructed...

Vibrant Simplicity

  Chris Hayman’s work explores the energy created by contrasting vibrant olor with negative space. Snow Passage...

Memorable Juxtapositions

  Josef Kote’s Dazzling City Lights, along with three pieces from Amy Van Winkle’s Wonderful Unknown...

Graceful Estate

This historic barn structure was transformed into a luxurious modern estate. From the grand entryway staircase...

Modern Farmhouse

Anke’s series of animal portraits add a whimsical spin to this farmhouse style dining area. The...

Playful Pop of Color

This classic neutral interior comes to life with Tina Palmer’s Sheep in Snow. The painting’s subject...

Spectacular Views

  This modern city home has gorgeous views—Kari Taylor’s Fast and Loose included. The variations of...

Worldly Charm

This light-filled home designed by Stephanie Bradshaw is comfortable and inviting. Accented with eclectic elements, each...

Urban Lounge

This elegant piano lounge—part of the 2017 Design Home for Philadelphia Magazine—blends urban sophistication with eclectic,... More

Imagined Landscapes

Katia Poulin's mixed media painting Un Monde a Decouvrir invites viewers to imagine a world beyond their own.... More

Captivating Simplicity

Poised and sophisticated, this classic kitchen interprets a light neutral color palette beautifully. Charles Jacobs' still... More

Textured & Natural

Surrounded by natural textures throughout, Marilyn Borglum's The Call adds a dignified sense of strength and poise to... More

Graceful Subtleties

Laced with delicate lavender and lilacs throughout, this interior gracefully balances modern and traditional details. Alice... More

Graceful Radiance

Tom Bolles' New Gold Dream and Henri Matisse's Madame Pompadour shine in this elegant, stately foyer. Though the... More

Eclectic Comfort

Peppered with cheerful patterns and bold colors, this eclectic den sets the scene for Bob Dylan's... More

Theatrical Elegance

Charles Dwyer's dazzling pair from the Moulin Rouge Series adds playful tonalities and layered textures to this focal... More

Refined Intricacies

Intricate accents throughout adorn this rich, garnet dining room — ornately detailed crown molding and sculptural... More