The Final Installation

Spectacular Views

  This modern city home has gorgeous views—Kari Taylor’s Fast and Loose included. The variations of...

Worldly Charm

This light-filled home designed by Stephanie Bradshaw is comfortable and inviting. Accented with eclectic elements, each...

Urban Lounge

This elegant piano lounge—part of the 2017 Design Home for Philadelphia Magazine—blends urban sophistication with eclectic,... More

Imagined Landscapes

Katia Poulin's mixed media painting Un Monde a Decouvrir invites viewers to imagine a world beyond their own.... More

Captivating Simplicity

Poised and sophisticated, this classic kitchen interprets a light neutral color palette beautifully. Charles Jacobs' still... More

Textured & Natural

Surrounded by natural textures throughout, Marilyn Borglum's The Call adds a dignified sense of strength and poise to... More

Graceful Subtleties

Laced with delicate lavender and lilacs throughout, this interior gracefully balances modern and traditional details. Alice... More

Graceful Radiance

Tom Bolles' New Gold Dream and Henri Matisse's Madame Pompadour shine in this elegant, stately foyer. Though the... More

Eclectic Comfort

Peppered with cheerful patterns and bold colors, this eclectic den sets the scene for Bob Dylan's... More

Theatrical Elegance

Charles Dwyer's dazzling pair from the Moulin Rouge Series adds playful tonalities and layered textures to this focal... More

Refined Intricacies

Intricate accents throughout adorn this rich, garnet dining room — ornately detailed crown molding and sculptural... More

Curated Memoirs

Playful and poetic, Anke's Two Doves renders this interior into a world of polished imagination. The mixed-media piece... More

A Delicate Scene

Alice Pritchard's Double Peony IV gracefully completes the soft, tranquil character of this elegant interior. The... More

A Lively Melody

The bright, uplifting paintings dance through the powder-blue interiors of this balanced home, bringing an uplifting... More
dwyer, bright, pink, texture alive

Textural Complements

The delicate textural accents in this bright and airy space make the interior a perfect setting... More
dwyer, bianca, eclectic

Eclectic Elegance

Commanding attention within this rich, eclectic interior, with high-gloss blue lacquered walls and complementary textures and... More
relative simplicity, carney, subtle play

Subtle Play

A subtle dance of playful, geometric shapes with a neutral palette, fittingly entitled "Relative Simplicity," leads... More

A Summer’s Beauty

Simply elegant, this naturally lit and peaceful dining space mixes the charm and comfort of home... More

Into The Blue

This beautiful light-filled living space sets a definitive tone with its rich blue wall color and... More

Textured & Bright

The distinctive silver walls in this charming dining space establish a foundation of texture and character... More

Accents In Blue

Beautifully bold, this dining spaces radiates visual intrigue with its blue lacquer walls, blue velvet patterned... More