New Acquisitions

Chris Hayman: Rocky Hills

Christine Hayman’s layered, textured feelscape Rocky Hills depicts the complexity and deepness of human nature. Colorful, vibrant...

Beatriz Simon: Familia

Beatriz Simon's painterly composition Familia invites viewers to slow down and observe both small and large details. Layered... More

Ben Schwab: In Equals Out

Eclectic and multidimensional, Ben Schwab's In Equals Out intercepts foregrounds and backgrounds to paint a composition that embodies the... More

Marilyn Borglum: The Search

Marilyn Borglum's bold artwork The Search embodies the simultaneous strength and grace as characterized by its equine subject.... More

Anke: Red Shipwheel

Anke's whimsical work Red Shipwheel paints a light-hearted, joyous portrait of an elephant over a vibrant crimson shipwheel.... More

Charles Dwyer: Violet

Charles Dwyer's deep, whimsically enigmatic oil painting Violet invites viewers to a world of wonder and mystery. The... More

David Burdeny: Map Room

David Burdeny's captivating azure photograph Map Room captures this Capraeola, Italy chamber and all of the layered history,... More

Zarin: Ame V

Bright, lush, and evocative, Zarin’s visage in Ame V reflects the vibrant character of its alluring... More

Claudio Pinto: Bike

Claudio Pinto's whimsical, light-hearted painting "Bike" emits a striking balance between detail and mystery – the... More

Desmond: Capri

With colorful layers of impassioned strokes, Noah Desmond's "Capri" renders a still life that is anything... More

Wilks: Balance

Don Wilks' dynamic, emotive sculpture "Balance" emits joyous movement and excitement. The masterful piece defies the... More

Sills: Rising Clouds

The profound depth built by the hazy layers in John Sills' “Rising Clouds” draws us into an... More

Bolles: Ode To Tadasky 2

Bolles' monotype, "Ode To Tadasky 2," mesmerizes with polished and clean concentric circles that vibrate with... More
anoram, srinjoy

Srinjoy: Anoram Series

Vertical lines of complementary colors veil the landscape. Srinjoy's "Anoram" series evokes strong feelings of serenity... More
Pendulum, Stone

Stone: Pendulum

A collection of delicate drips, thinly drawn lines, and opaque color fields - Mia Stone’s “Pendulum”... More