New Acquisitions

Tom Bolles: Red Gummy Bears

  Tom Bolles integrated both digital and painterly processes to create his striking composition Red Gummy...

April Midkiff: Unite 1

  Throughout her career, April Midkiff has enjoyed experimenting with different styles and approaches. Influenced by...

Sherri Belassen: Dream Catcher

Sherri Belassen’s Dream Catcher illustrates the splendid sensation of sinking into a hammock in the summer. You...

Tolla: Dynamic Relation

Tolla fills her bronze sculpture Dynamic Relation with movement and expression. You can perceive the stability of the bottom...

Hunt Slonem: Chinensis

  Inspiration and Meaning Hunt Slonem began painting bunnies when he discovered his birth year, 1951,...

Elise Remender: Afternoon Swim

Elise Remender’s Afternoon Swim draws attention with its rich colors, stylish minimalism, and photo-realistic detail. Remender’s...

Philip Buller: More

Philip Buller’s More is a product of the artist's unique and involved layering process. He uses... More

Jinous Kani: Kismet XXXIV

In her colorful piece Kismet XXXIV, Jinous Kani contrasts graphic fields of color with the stark, elegant lines... More

Ben Schwab: Binary

In Ben Schwab’s expansive painting Binary, the viewer finds themselves immersed in a city scene both... More

Chris Hayman: Rocky Hills

Christine Hayman’s layered, textured feelscape Rocky Hills depicts the complexity and deepness of human nature. Colorful, vibrant...

Beatriz Simon: Familia

Beatriz Simon's painterly composition Familia invites viewers to slow down and observe both small and large details. Layered... More

Ben Schwab: In Equals Out

Eclectic and multidimensional, Ben Schwab's In Equals Out intercepts foregrounds and backgrounds to paint a composition that embodies the... More