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Visual Storytelling: New Photography Arrivals

Amidst the whirlwind of holiday preparations and as the year comes to a close, these new photographs offer a compelling reason to momentarily step away from the hectic pace of the season and immerse yourself in the world of creativity and expression.

In their own unique styles, Xan Padron, Randal Ford, and Tom Chambers each demonstrate a flair for visual storytelling and a skillful mastery of the lens. See three of our latest arrivals below.


Winter Wonderland

Xan Padron, West Village in the Snow, Photograph on Paper, 30 X 20 inches


In this latest work by Xan Padron, a winter tableau unfolds as individuals navigate their daily tasks amidst a serene blanket of snow. His compilation of photographs captures the poetry of everyday life harmonizing with the tranquil embrace of a snowy day.

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A Close-Up Portrait

Randal Ford, Frazzle Chicken, Photograph on Aluminum, 32 x 32 inches


Meet Hattie, captured by Randal Ford’s discerning eye. This photograph encapsulates her essence – a harmonious blend of sweetness and sass, frozen in a single, timeless moment that invites admiration and perhaps a chuckle at the delightful spirit of this feathered diva.

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Magical Realism in Visual Narratives

Tom Chambers, Pennants Over Pienza, Photograph on Aluminum, 48 x 48 inches


In this enchanting photomontage by Tom Chambers, reality takes a delightful detour into the whimsical as a woman, seemingly defying the laws of gravity, engages in the charming act of hanging laundry on an exaggerated clothesline. The playful juxtaposition of the mundane chore against the fantastical backdrop not only captivates the viewer but also invites them to reimagine the everyday with a touch of magic.

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