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New Arrivals from Shivani Dugar

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of new artwork by Shivani Dugar. In these most recent works, she continues to showcase her appreciation for nature. Shivani has said she wants her viewers to experience the light as it enlivens the landscape, allowing them to embrace each mystical moment with hopeful wonderment, and she certainly has accomplished that in these new pieces.

Shivani Dugar, The Reservoir, Oil on Canvas, 53 x 53 inches


In Dugar’s The Reservoir, the interplay of warm colors invites contemplation and reflection, evoking a deep connection to nature’s ever-changing beauty. With each brushstroke, the canvas comes alive, capturing the essence of a sun-drenched atmosphere and infusing the room with an undeniable sense of serenity.

Shivani Dugar, The Boathouse, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 26 inches framed


This mesmerizing piece invites viewers into a world of calm and tranquility, where shades of cool blues and gentle greens wash over the canvas like the ebb and flow of a the ocean’s tide. Each brushstroke evokes the soothing sensation of water, creating a sense of fluidity and peace.

Shivani Dugar, Conversations with the Clouds, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 72 inches


Conversations with the Clouds depicts an ethereal dreamscape where hues of greens, blues, and yellows intertwine to create an atmosphere reminiscent of drifting clouds. Each brushstroke is imbued with a richness that mirrors the depth and texture of the ever-changing sky, inviting observers to lose themselves in its boundless expanse.


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