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New Arrivals: Westlake, Skillicorn, Weaser

As the vibrant colors of spring begin to emerge and the air fills with the promise of renewal, our gallery is excited to share some of our recent acquisitions. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring and these latest works.



Wendy Westlake, Invitation, Acrylic on Canvas, 62 x 62 inches Framed


Westlake’s Invitation is reminiscent of a garden in bloom. Soft shades of pink and green intermingle with bold strokes of black, creating a dynamic contrast. The harmonious layering of transparent color invites viewers to immerse themselves in a tranquil yet mesmerizing piece.

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Harmonia 18-2

David Skillicorn, Harmonia 18-2, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 50 inches Framed


In this captivating artwork, bold complementary colors collide with soothing texture and brush strokes. Despite the dynamic interplay of colors, there exists a serene  energy, drawing the viewer into a state of contemplation and introspection.

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Blue Escape

Audra Weaser, Blue Escape, Mixed Media on Panel, 40 x 60 inches


This captivating piece calls to mind a watery landscape, channeling nature’s serene beauty through its luminous surface. Weaser’s subtle variations in color evoke the shifting hues of light dancing upon the water’s surface.

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