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In the Studio with Meredith Pardue

New to our galleries, the work of Meredith Pardue is simply breathtaking. Organic forms in a variety of colors and textures collide to create a composition that one can get lost in. We spoke with Meredith about her process, inspirations, and what it is like to sometimes collaborate with another artist.

Meredith Pardue, Water And Fire, Mixed Media on Canvas, 62 x 47 inches framed


What are your most recent inspirations? What inspires your color choices?

Nature has always been the root of my inspiration and balance, and the landscapes of different regions have shaped the aesthetic of my various series of works.

Most recently, I’ve been revisiting my Louisiana roots and have been interested in my personal recall of the topography of where I grew up—bayous, the Mississippi River Delta, swamplands, and the Gulf Coast.  All have influenced my vision and my work through their unique colors, movement, shapes, textures, and smells.


Detail of Water and Fire


You describe part of your process as “controlled chaos”. How do you decide to edit your pieces after the controlled chaos phase of paint-pouring? Do you have a usual method or is it different for every piece?

I work on multiple pieces simultaneously, so there is a collective connection around how I control the chaos in a group of pieces. It is necessary for my relationship to the work itself to let it take the lead, to let the forms speak to me as to how they should come into being. It’s a complex but intimate choreography between the painting and myself, and each dance is unique.



What is it like to work collaboratively with your husband?

Mike and I work in a parallel structure, rather than in tandem.  We establish our subject, content, and aesthetic together, but we each execute our creative tasks separately.  Our process as Pardue Hewett contrasts distinctly from how I create as an individual artist in my studio. I would say the same is true for Mike as well, although in a different way.


Pardue Hewett, Metamorphosis III, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 84 inches unframed


What do you hope viewers see or take away from your work?

My work mirrors the beauty and the sublime of the natural world. However, these elements serve merely as a point of departure for the viewer, to experience what is ultimately a visual record of an improvisational dialogue between a blank canvas and myself.


Meredith Pardue, Fragments (Leaves IX), Mixed Media on Paper, 47.5 x 33.5 inches framed


What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not painting?

I love to be with my family, read, and travel. As a wife, mother of three, and a professional artist, my challenges are primarily centered around work-life balance. I have found that integrating my family and creative lives into one enriching space has been the most rewarding and right path for all of us.  We all make art together in some capacity, which offers a deeper level of engagement in our familial relationships. Traveling is a great escape together and rejuvenates my connection to source and spirit. As it is said — you can never step into the same river twice.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I’m thrilled to be showing at Merritt Gallery amongst an incredible roster of artists!


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