Category: The Final Installation

Perfectly Placed in 2023

Throughout 2023, we had the pleasure of connecting clients with artworks that inspire, bring joy, and transform living spaces. Join us for a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of the diverse and captivating artworks that found a home in the hearts of collectors this year.


Large-Scale Statements

These striking large-scale pieces enchanted us with their bold color and dynamic compositions.

Beatriz Simon, Blue


Liz Barber, Spring Rush


Mersuka Dopazo, Still Life VII


Curated Pairings

The artworks here play off of each other, helping to create spaces that are layered and harmonious.

Hunt Slonem, 3 Pink in November and Maria Burtis, Blossoming


Ray Gross, Orange Banksy Paint Tube and Rose Masterpol, Rising Sun


Maura Segal, Parachute and Kadee Craft, Colorfast Grande


Peaceful Retreats

Art can completely transform the mood of your space. In each of the cozy living rooms below, the artworks enhance the warmth and serenity of the room.

Joseph Adolphe, A Whisper


David Skillicorn, Wabi-Sabi 12-4


Dennis Campay, The Crossing


Enchanting Figures

Experience the emotional impact and versatility of figurative artwork in these three installation photos.

Gavin Benjamin, Miss a Thing 5


Pezhman, Boudoir Reflection II


Geoffrey Gersten, Enjoy


Playing With Color

Whether complementing existing hues, or creating contrast in a black and white space, these clients weren’t afraid to go bold with color.

Charlie Bluett, Dance With Me


Marshall Noice, Five in Fall Color


Raul de la Torre, Poemes CXIV


Happy Collectors

There’s nothing like the magic moment of watching a client fall in love with a work of art. We look forward to many more inspiring artwork install photos in 2024!

Amber Goldhammer, Friends For a Lifetime


Liz Barber, Blooms of Spring 4