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In Tandem: Dynamic Art Groupings and Pairs

While solo pieces can make a statement on their own, arranging artwork in groups or pairs can create a dynamic visual narrative that makes a space come together beautifully. Take a look at three vibrant groupings that we’ve recently placed in clients’ homes.


Matt Neuman, Elements series, Acrylic On Panel, 11 X 11 inches each


This trio of colorful botanical paintings by Matt Neuman complement the client’s deep blue walls and harmonize with the tranquil but whimsical mood of the space (designed by Pat Bevacqua). The pieces are protected by modern acrylic floater frames that allow your eye to go straight to the artwork.

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Tom Bolles, left to right: Vibrant Bright Blue, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Deep Blue, 23.5 X 23.5; 25.5 X 25.5 each
Tom Bolles, left to right: Vibrant Bright Blue, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Deep Blue, Sublimation on aluminum, 23.5 X 23.5 each


This client’s crisp white walls were waiting for a bold splash of color. The deep and vibrant tones of these works by Tom Bolles, paired with a larger painting by Michael Hoffman, bring a totally new energy to the hallway. With eye-catching geometric compositions, the pieces allow the space to feel modern yet quite playful.

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Maria Burtis, Iambic Exchange series, Mixed media on canvas, 30 X 30 each


Patterns on patterns! A pair from Maria Burtis’s Iambic Exchange series creates a captivating focal point in this cheerful, luxurious dining room. The artist’s expressive, gestural brushstrokes add a beautiful contrast to the delicate radiating wallpaper pattern.

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