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Peaceful Reflections

Betsy, Art Consultant, Chevy Chase

Explore three distinct artwork ideas curated by Betsy to infuse peace and harmony into this intimate space.

From a cheerful cityscape painting, to a minimalist wall sculpture, to a luminous abstract piece, each suggestion transforms this corner into a sanctuary.


Idea 1: Sail by Dennis Campay

Dennis Campay, Sail, Mixed media on panel


Sail by Campay takes us away, as we remember something from our past, or daydream into the future. The painting reveals an intimate space in which we can follow our heart’s desires.

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Idea 2: Chatterboxes by Lori Cozen-Geller

Lori Cozen-Geller, Chatterboxes, Polished stainless steel


In Chatterboxes, Cozen-Geller shows us how we connect with one another through conversation. Each block of stainless steel is reflective, and also creates an individual shadow that touches the one beside it. In this quiet dining space, we enjoy the perfect setting to become acquainted with one another over a meal, and perhaps discuss common interests, forming friendships.

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Idea 3: The Wind Song I by Shivani Dugar

Shivani Dugar, The Wind Song I, Oil on canvas


Dugar’s calming piece brings the outdoors into this quiet nook. The soft colors radiate in the light and add depth to the canvas and room. I imagine being very content and relaxed here, as I sip a cup of tea and feel a light breeze flow all around me.

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