VITALI MIAGKOV Vitali Miagkov is a professional painter, an acting member of the National Academy of Sciences and Arts, a member of the prestigious Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, and president of The Fund of Creative Arts of Russia.

Miagkov was born in Ukraine in 1936. He had formal training in the Odessa Art College. He then studied at Kiev Art Institute where he received his degree in fine arts, qualifying him as a professional artist and teacher. After graduation, he began to display his works at various national and international exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, and Nicaragua.

Vitali Miagkov now lives in the United States where he paints realistic still life paintings. He has shown his work nation wide, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

In addition to being a renowned painter, Miagkov has distinguished himself as a designer and an architect. He was head of the interior design project during the reconstruction of the Kiev Opera Theater, the Kiev Cultural Center, and the Shevchenko Museum.

During his career, Vitali Miagkov has received the following awards and honors:
The title of “Honored Figure of the Arts” (1978); the USSR Order of Peoples Friendship (1981); the honorable title of “National Artist” (1984); The Shevchenko Prize, the highest government prize in the field of arts in the Ukraine (1985); Silver (1982) and gold (1991) medals from the Ministry of Culture, elected as an acting member to The Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts (1998).

Oil on Canvas
48 X 59.875 in