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Breaking the Mould: Resin in Art

Anke, “Blue Dog Ride”, Mixed Media on Board, 48 x 48 in.

Resin is a multi-use polymer that is traditionally utilized as a varnish or adhesive within the commercial construction realm, yet has been recognized more recently as a useful medium within the fine art world.

Oliveira, “Super Nova II”, Mixed Media with Resin on Wood, 49 x 60 in.

The viscosity of resin coupled with its glass like appearance make it a malleable tool within fine art. Two dimensional art immediately adopts a three dimensional appearance with the addition of a resin coating; the transparent yet thick coating brings new life and energy to what could otherwise be perceived as “flat” color.

McClain, “Gentleman”, Mixed Media with Resin on Wood, 46 x 46 in.

An often practiced method of mixing paint with resin and applying in layers creates a suspension of the image within the resin, again adding to the dimensionality of the piece. The layered aspect of the art gives it a sculptural appeal, while maintaining the integrity of wall art.

Poulin, “Je Vais Partir Sur Les Monts Emerades”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 72 in.

Even just a subtle use of resin within artwork can make an impressive impact. Artists such as Poulin have mastered this delicate process wherein resin is used sparingly. The resin brings a unique vibrancy to certain elements of the piece, raising levels of the art while still remaining understated.

The introduction of resin as a medium within fine art has been a progressive and liberating process. Artists can fully utilize the dimensions of their piece, whilst creating spatial intrigue.