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3 Dreamy Pieces for Above the Bed

This client’s bedroom has an airy feel that makes it cheerful and welcoming. The wood ceiling and neutral color palette give the room a natural charm.

Focusing on abstract pieces that would contribute additional color and texture to the space, we chose three art options for above the bed. 


Concept #1

Christine Hayman, Gray and Blue, Oil on Canvas, 60 × 60 in.


Hayman’s rich, organic layers of oil paint have a wonderful sense of movement. The contrast of white space and rich color adds a lively energy to the bedroom.


Concept #2

Jeff Erickson, Harbor Reflections, Oil and Wax on Panel, 48 × 48 in.


Though Harbor Reflections delivers a strong pop of color, the minimal composition balances it out, keeping the piece soothing and understated.


Concept #3

Liz Barber, Hill 1, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 × 60 in.


Barber’s Hill 1 has a peaceful quality that’s perfect for a relaxing bedroom retreat. The soft and subtle color palette works nicely with the natural tones of the room.


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