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3 Pieces to Elevate a Mountain Chalet Bedroom

This rustic space is so inviting with all its light and warmth.  All three pieces bring a different feeling to the room and tell their own story. They connect, transport, and ask for the viewers attention with a bit of romance and magic sprinkled in!


Idea 1: Improv by Sherri Belassen

Sherri Belassen, Improv, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 inches


Belassen’s Improv brings joy and connection to this personal space. The dramatic color palette and exaggerated stance of the dancers just punctuates the drama of this beautiful room.

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Idea 2: A Whisper No. 2 by Joseph Adolphe

Joseph Adolphe, A Whisper No. 2, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches


Adolphe’s A Whisper No. 2 makes us feel like we are truly immersed in nature. The gorgeous vista outside is pulled in making it feel like we are in a treehouse.

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Idea 3: Circumstances by Beatriz Simon

Beatriz Simon, Circumstances, Mixed Media on Canvas, 78 x 78 inches


I love the way the Simon’s Circumstances feels like it is an extension of the crackling fire below. The blaze of orange just accentuates the warmth of the room and allows one to create their own narrative.

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