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“I have always been interested in experimenting with new mediums and using them in unconventional ways.  I enjoy working on large surfaces, standing over my work, pouring resin then moving and manipulating it with my hands”

Prescott’s “String Theory” series is a testament to unconventionality.  In an effort to constantly search for and incorporate everyday materials, Prescott creates a series of artworks unlike any other.  Using resin to capture the free flowing movements of fibrous material (such as string and sewing thread) he manipulates one continuous strand of string, suspending it within layers of clear resin and embedding the form.  This unique approach allows Prescott’s portrayal of everyday objects from sneakers to a tea cup to take on a visually stunning, yet minimalistic property.  The “String Theory” series serves as a maze for the onlooker’s eyes as most people will try and follow the beginning of the string to its finality.  Prescott has created a truly one of a kind series in “String Theory” that makes the ordinary extraordinary.