Category: Room With A View

A Kitchen For Creating

This pristine kitchen is the perfect fresh canvas to showcase vibrant, contemporary artwork! Explore two pieces our art consultants chose to infuse this clean, bright space with energy and color- art that is sure to inspire the creativity in this kitchen!


Liz Barber’s ‘Azalea 1’ adds a bright pop of color to this cool kitchen. The warm colors are like having a gorgeous floral arrangement on display all the time!

-Amy S.


Liz Barber, Azalea 1, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50 x 62 inches


The kitchen is a space for creating, exploring and gathering those we love to share stories. In that way, I think David Burdeny’s ‘Map Room’ is a beautiful depiction of what the kitchen symbolizes with its rich composition, details and central focus on the world map.  A world of possibilities. -Laura P.



David Burdeny, Map Room, Archival Pigment Print, 54 x 65 inches


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