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An Artist’s Best Friend

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” -Anatole France

Pets bring insurmountable happiness to our lives. To spread the joy, we asked our artists to send pictures of their loyal companions. Whether working in the studio or basking in the sun, these animals will steal your heart. They say a dog is man’s best friend. Meet some of our artist’s “best friends!”

Charlie Bluett

Charlie’s best friends Chimpanda and Willow often turn into his toughest critics, according to the artist. As you can see below, the Frenchie and Vizsla make themelves at home in the studio.

Charlie Bluett in our Baltimore Gallery


Chimpanda, Charlie Bluett’s French Bulldog


Chimpanda and Willow in their comfy studio chair


Audra Weaser

There is nothing like working from home with your best friend. See the artist and her Jindo-mix rescue Frankie strike a pose in front of her work.

Audra Weaser in her studio


Frankie, the Jindo-mix rescue


Nathalie Boissonnault

While Nathalie Boissonnault works diligently in studio, her Old English Bulldog, Pablo, prefers to take a nap after a long day in the studio.

Nathalie Boissonnault working on a piece in her studio.
Pablo, Boissonnault’s Old English Bulldog.


Liz Barber

When she isn’t busy working, Liz Barber loves to take in the sunshine with her Goldendoodle Sydney.

Liz Barber in the midst of a project.
Barber and her Goldendoodle Sydney.


Hunt Slonem

Can you spot the bird? Hunt Slonem and his one of many exotic birds, the inspiration for many of his pieces.

Slonem in his studio


Hunt and his birds


Sherri Belassen

It’s a ruff job but someone has to do it. Sherri Belassen’s Weimaraner Bizou is keeping cool in Sherri’s colorful studio while she stays busy as ever.

Sherri Belassen lost in thought in her studio


Bizou the Weimaraner


Dennis Campay

While Dennis Campay is working his two pups, Lily and Sapple, are standing watch. Aren’t they cutest guard dogs a studio could have.

Campay in his studio


Campay’s two dogs, Lily and Sapple


Matt Devine

Matt Devine has four furry studio helpers, but he says that his dog Gus likes to hang out with him the most.

Devine in his studio


Gus, 150 pounds of pure cuteness!