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Anke: Redbirds

Anke, Redbirds, Mixed Media on Wood
Anke, Redbirds, Mixed Media on Wood, 60 x 40 inches

Anke’s new mixed media piece Redbirds evokes both sensitivity and curiosity. The work is light with texture and value, but maintains a sense of emotional weight. The color red leads the viewer through the composition. The subject is guarded, contemplative, and beautifully deep in thought. Ruby-toned natural elements, weightless is appearance, envelope her.

Redbirds is part of Anke’s newest body of work. Fresh, bold and evocative, these works are a commanding presence in any space.The juxtaposition of glossy resin & matte varnish, allows light to dance across the surfaces leading the viewers’ eye in a dance across the panel. Anke doesn’t disappoint when it comes to incorporating her signature dreamlike elements into this body of work, creating an atmosphere that is definitlevly hers.

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