Tim McFadden was born in Maryland. In 2001 he discovered the art of glassblowing while attending Salisbury University on Maryland’s eastern shore. After taking the glassblowing classes offered at the university, his interest in the art grew deeper and he went on to attend a class on Venetian techniques at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

After graduating from Salisbury, McFadden won a grant that would jumpstart his plan for a glassblowing studio. By 2006 he had renovated and opened his own studio where he continues to teach classes and master his technique.

McFadden's process is highly intricate and varies according to which series he's working on. His "Nesting Series" includes organic, flowing exterior vessels shaped by heating the glass as hot as possible and then using centrifugal force and gravity followed by minimal spinning to allow the piece to take shape. The interior pieces are shaped similarly, but on a smaller scale. McFadden chooses random, abstract shapes to make each piece unique.

McFadden also creates single standing pieces including his "Large Waves" series, which are free-formed bowls with dynamic accentuated lines that display the versatility of glass. Similarly, his "Reticello" and "Murine" series are organic, tear-drop shaped vessels in which McFadden employs the Venetian cane technique to create patterns and striping on the surface.

McFadden is active in the arts community and when not in the studio shares his time with his wife and their two sons.