PHILIP BULLER Philip Buller was born to American diplomat parents in Delhi, India in 1954, but spent his youth mostly in northern Virginia and his ancestral home of New England. Buller moved to northern California in the late 80ʼs. He received his BA in Painting and Drawing from Sonoma State University in 1992. Upon receiving his MFA from California College of Art in 1994, he taught private lessons and art classes at Santa Rosa Junior College for 10 years.

During this time Buller spent each summer in the Mediterranean, teaching painting retreats in Italy and Greece. His work reflects his respect and admiration for the Renaissance and Baroque masters, while including references to photography, printmaking and other more contemporary processes.

In 2006 Buller moved to Galiano Island in British Columbia where, in addition to continuing his evolving painting practice, he has built a home and studios for himself and his wife, Janet Adler, the noted teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Buller is represented in the UK, Canada, and the US. His work is in public and private collections.

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Oil on Linen on Panel
65 X 80 in