SHAY KUN Born in Israel in 1974, Shay Kun currently lives and works in New York. Kun has a BA in Fine Art from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and an MA in Fine Art from London’s Goldsmiths College.

Kun’s work deals with memory and perception. Like a film noir still, Kun’s paintings confront the viewer and bring forth memories from the past, in addition to the way these memories are archived. The fuzzy, off-center colors behind the window act as a metaphor of our journey through life. Kun states “As we drive along the interstate of our lives our memories grow hazier in the distance much like looking through the side windows of a moving car and only seeing colors without clear, definitive shapes. These images fade into the distance and while we may remember their general shape or color, they are no longer present and instead become part of our memory. How distorted our memory of these events are is what I am trying to capture.”

Kun believes that even as memories fade or age, we transform reality. Individually we take details and exaggerate them to fit our needs which often require the manipulation of past moments. This very idea informs Kun’s body of work.

Oil on Canvas
38.75 X 48.75 in