Category: The Final Installation

Dazzlingly Unique Sitting Room

Dwyer, "The Magician's Assistant," Oil on Canvas, 48 x 38 in.
Dwyer, “The Magician’s Assistant,” Oil on Canvas, 48 x 38 in.

This magnificent sitting room exudes elegance and feminine charm, the perfect place for one of Charles Dwyer’s dazzling paintings. Ivory surroundings invite accents of emerald and turquoise in Dwyer’s “The Magician’s Assistant” to stand out as a rich contrast to the otherwise monochromatic room. Sculpture, flower bouquets, and tiled wall bring dynamic texture to the space, coordinating with the abstract lines and patterns throughout Dwyer’s figure which add depth to this stylistically unique piece. “The Magician’s Assistant” is reflective and dazzling, just like the scene it inhabits.

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