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Insider Edit: What Ofri’s Loving

One of my favorite parts of working at Merritt Gallery is having the opportunity to get to know people through the art that they connect with. That initial reaction to a piece of art provides a window into the person’s world and offers a unique way to better understand them.

There is nothing more special to me than filling my home with art that brings me joy, and it is a privilege to share in that experience through interactions at the gallery.

Dennis Campay, Old Man and the Sea, Mixed Media on Panel, 30 x 36 inches


Dennis Campay | Old Man and the Sea

This inviting painting by Dennis Campay is filled with narrative and visual intricacies. The focal point of the dog’s face immediately draws you in, with striking blue eyes and a downward gaze that directs you to the water below. I love discovering new details, like the white hearts in the lower left hand corner, that aren’t initially evident when looking at the painting from afar. Elements such as these encourage the viewer to come in closer and spend time with the piece.


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Rose Masterpol, Overtones and Undertones, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 93 inches


Rose Masterpol | Overtones and Undertones

Masterpol’s Geometrix series hints to her extensive background as a graphic designer. What excites me most about this piece in particular is the touch of energy that peaks through from her other more gestural works, denoted by the mark making on the right-hand side. This stark contrast in technique is quite compelling and provides an interesting flow to the piece. The balance between the crisp shapes throughout and the exuberant marks to the right is beautifully complemented by the similar balance that exists between the grounded colors throughout and their relationship to the vibrant red that sings out to the left. These elements work in unison to bring a unique and palpable cadence to the piece.


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Lori Cozen-Geller, Confide, White, High Gloss Automotive Paint on Wood and Laminate, 46 x 105 x 3 inches


Lori Cozen-Geller | Confide, White

Cozen-Geller’s sculptures have been a lovely new addition to the gallery. Given the coloring of Confide, White, lighting plays a pivotal role in defining boundaries and informing the viewer of its dimensionality. Throughout the day the sun’s parabolic movement leads to a subtle rise and fall in the piece, sending shadows that mimic a gentle breath, imbuing the sculpture with a dynamic, living presence. These shadows delineate the piece from its surroundings, all while acknowledging the negative space that exists within the piece itself. The pristine finish along with the perfect geometry make this artwork incredibly satisfying to view. For these reasons (and many more) this sculpture is one that I especially enjoy seeing at the gallery every day!


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