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New Collection: Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank Series

Bob Dylan: Drawn Blank Series includes a collection of original paintings and limited editions on paper. Preview the collection now. For details, please contact the gallery.

Bob Dylan: Drawn Blank Series
Merritt Gallery in Haverford: November 7-23, 2013
Merritt Gallery in Chevy Chase: December 5-21, 2013
Renaissance Fine Arts in Baltimore: January 17-February 1, 2014

“Every picture spoke a different language to me as the various colors were applied”

– Bob Dylan

While traveling on tour between 1989 and 1992, Bob Dylan created a collection of drawings that were published in a book entitled Drawn Blank in 1994. These expressive works capture Dylan’s chance encounters and observations. The creation of these portraits, interiors, landscapes, still lives, nudes and street scenes were done to “relax and refocus a restless mind”.

Unlike the delicacy of the drawings in Drawn Blank, the paintings are expressive and vibrant. Dylan paints several versions of the same image, using different colors and tones which result in a dynamic variety of impressions, feelings and emotions.