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The Return

“The Return”, a painting from “The Novel Anthology Collection” by Craig Alan

“This body of work is inspired by children’s novels and fairy tales as well as the morals of the life lessons captured within their plots. As a child, my parents would read these stories to me and explain the basis behind them; as I’m sure many of yours did as well. However, I feel that as we grow older we gradually lose sight of the morals these stories uphold. I believe that we, as a people, need to be reminded of these simple yet necessary tales so that we don’t diminish the progress we have made throughout the years” – Craig Alan

Alan, "The Return", Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48in.
Alan, “The Return”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48in.

“The Return” is based on the Aesop Fable, “The Bear and the Fox.”

The bear boasted to the fox that he was the most kind hearted, in his regards, to man. The bear said that he had such respect for man that he would not even touch his dead body.

The fox hearing this replied, “Oh, if only you would eat the dead and not the living!”

The bear having found this new wisdom from the fox is shown perched upon his new found friend with a new understanding that one should not wait until one is dead to show respect. Thus, the bear has returned from his misleading ways of the past to move towards a brighter future.

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